What Are the Top 10 Digital Trends to Watch in the Post-Mobile Era
Time: 2019-03-06 15:45   Views:1352

By AliResearch

AliResearch has issued a report forecasting the top 10 digital trends to watch in the post-mobile era:

(1) The human society is moving towards unprecedentedly large-scale and precise collaboration among different industries, between human and machine, online and offline; (2) Digital business dividends serve as a consumption booster and new engine of economic growth; (3) Improving digital commercial infrastructure is pushing for the digital transformation of enterprises; (4) Online-offline integration rejuvenates brick-and-mortar stores; (5) Evolving consumer demand presents new opportunity to build up Chinese brands; (6) New generation of consumers are setting future lifestyle trends; (7) Online shopping festival now a testing bed for the incubation and large-scale application of new technologies; (8) new manufacturing models driven by big data are gaining momentum, ushering in a new phase of digital transformation in manufacturing industry;(9) cross-border e-commerce is gaining strength, which could help reshape the global trade landscape; (10) Digital economy empowers inclusive development in the world.

Free download of the full report

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